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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Andy Luttrell

Where do we get our worldviews?

Where do we get our worldviews? In part, we develop our sense of the world—our values, beliefs, and opinions—through direct experience, social ties, and intuition. But we’re also surrounded by messages that communicate different perspectives to us. These messages include advertisements, news articles, social media posts, and conversations with other people. In this talk, I will share insights from my research program and science communication efforts that highlight the power of communication to build bridges and shape public opinion.

Dr. Luttrell is a social psychologist who studies people’s opinions and the kinds of messages that change them. He received his BA from Eastern Illinois University and completed his MA and Ph.D. in Social Psychology at The Ohio State University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychological Science at Ball State University. In addition to conducting research and teaching, he engages the public in psychological science through various media, including his podcast, “Opinion Science.”

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