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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gerardo Ramirez

Gerardo serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at Ball State University. He earned his PhD from the University of Chicago, focusing on the influence of teachers and parents in shaping the math attitudes of students. Additionally, his research explored reappraisal techniques aimed at assisting students in managing anxiety during testing situations. Presently, Gerardo's research focuses on examining the impact of frustration, empathy, and cultural capital on students' success and persistence.


Title: Alchemy of the Mind: How to cultivate a healthy ego to make sense of contradiction in your academic journey


Abstract: I will share my experiences as a first-generation college student and introvert navigating East Los Angeles, Academia, and the challenges of internal conflicting identities. We will explore how the Jungian perspective on a healthy ego can serves as a guiding principle in your own academic journey. Through interactive activities, we'll break down how our minds naturally prefer clarity and resist contradictions, emphasizing the importance of adopting a Both-And perspective. To make it concrete, I'll share my research on motivated forgetting, showing how tough situations can affect our ability to remember course material. Join me as we delve into these practical insights, making sense of psychology in a way that's relatable and meaningful for all of us.

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