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Presenting your paper as a talk


Presenting your paper as a poster

  • Bulletin boards will be available for paper posters up to size 45.5" wide and 34" high.

  • Posters must be pinned to the bulletin board (either as a single sheet, or as smaller individual sheets arranged on the bulletin board).  

  • Please follow these detailed suggestions for creating a quality poster.

Conference Etiquette

In order for the conference to maintain a professional atmosphere and efficient order, we urge all in attendance to adhere to a few simple guidelines:

  • If you are a presenter, report to the room where your presentation is scheduled before your session and introduce yourself to your moderator so s/he knows you are there and how to pronounce your name during the introductions.

  • Be sure to turn off your cell phone during paper sessions.

  • Do not enter a session while a presentation is in progress and, if you must leave a session before it is over, wait until the break between presentations.

  • Minimize unnecessary noise and conversation, both immediately outside and inside conference rooms.

  • When presenting a paper, keep within the time limits so that subsequent presenters have sufficient time and sessions can be maintained on schedule.

  • Engage in scholarly discussions, but show courtesy to the presenter.

  • Wear your nametag prominently to facilitate communication and to identify you as an official registrant.

  • Plan to stay for the entire conference (i.e., do not present your paper and then leave). Your presence as an audience member is a demonstration of support for your fellow presenters.

  • Abide by the host institution's smoking policies.


Dress Code

Business attire or business casual attire is appropriate. View a detailed explanation or view some examples.